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AgileNav is your partner in continuous learning. We combine related topics in training bursts that are highly interactive and facilitated by our certified trainers.

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At AgileNav Academy we believe continuous learning is the future. Our goal is to deliver just-in-time microlearnings tailored to the way young people learn in our fast-paced world. AgileNav certified trainers build on your agile mindset and use our innovative mobile solutions to enable and foster learning while doing.







What users say about AgileNav

What trainees say about AgileNav Academy

I took a AgileNav Academy Scrum training. Our trainer Robby is energetic, clear en knowledgeable. During his training you become eager to bring the learnings to the workplace. I almost envy how well he knows Scrum.

Carina van ’t Hoenderdal (Thika Travel)Travel Developer

Robby is a wonderful trainer, my team had the pleasure to attend the 2 days AgileNav Academy training. We learned a-lot in this session values of scrum, principles of agile, agile mindset. Even we were remote, he made is easy and interactive through jam-board, games and activities. Thanks for this experience.

Rohit Vijayvargiya (Amazon)Software Development Engineer

Thank you AgileNav Academy for an incredible fun and productive learning experience during your training!

Annemieke van Engh (CAK)Project Owner

This was one of the most insightful training I have had in the recent times. The course was such a nice compilation of agile values relating to human behaviour, and other pillars of agile leading to an effective concentric team. The idea of moving more to an agile mindset in itself is amazing. The course made me realize, Agile is much more than processes. One key take away, I’m taking for life would be – ‘Be brave enough to take/voice decisions/opinions (of course in a respectful nature to others) than repenting later.’

Sandeep Prasad (Amazon)Software Development Engineer

Today my colleague and I attended an AgileNav training. It was the mega interesting “Agile Mindset” training “From doing Agile to being Agile” by Robby Overvliet. I absolutely recommend this training!

Joost Klaver (Joost-IT)Account Manager

AgileNav Academy has a unique approach to learning:

Learning Solutions

Learning solutions tailored to positively resonate until longer after a training burst.


Training with the use of our mobile app te better aid continuous learning in the workplace


Our trainers navigate constant curiosity thru the application of quizzes, games and frequent feedback loops.

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