This weekend we released our long anticipated AgileNav app. After months of hard work and an extensive beta-test period it was finally done. Wauw, we are live and are pinching ourselves: today we were ranked #12 in the App store. How did we get that ranking and how are we going to make it into the top 10 now?

Getting your first app version into the app store sure has its toll-gates we got to experience. Although we did prepare it well: our product website ( came live just in time. Because yes… a marketing website is also part of the metadata that Apple wants to know when submitting to the app store.

We are lucky enough to have the knowledge of the media company Versgeplukt readily available to give us a head start. One of the main objectives for any new digital initiative is to get online exposure quick after it’s release. Versgeplukt is a specialist in Search Engine Optimization and got us to specify a unique bundle of keywords for easy findability in both Google and the app store.

When submitting an app you also need to choose a primary and secondary category to have your app listed in. Our choice was Productivity first and Education second. These choices certainly reflect upon the vision behind our product. More about that later.

Every category is ranked in the app store with added the distinction of free apps and paid apps. So our EUR 1,99 app is ranked in Productivity paid. Just like search results in Google: the trick is to get high on the list so people can find you easily. This is influenced by so many factors.

One of the most important factors are the ratings that users give you for your app. We are proud to say we are still holding a perfect 5-star average score after four days in the app store. Users really, really like the app we see in the written reviews! We are so excited and proud that the idea we’ve had for so long is now available in the app store. Many people are downloading it and rating and reviews have pushed to app up to 12th place in the Productivity ranking.

We see our app popping up and down the rankings however. Of course competition is fierce in the top of the rankings. We are still working on various influencers. Exciting times. The gamification of the app store is really working on us and we are giving it our very best to get the AgileNav app into the category top 10.

You can also help by trying out the app. See for yourself if those reviewers are right and leave a rating of your own. We can’t wait to get your feedback on our app. Download it here: