December 10


09:00 am - 04:00 pm

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AgileNav Academy

Are you a Developer, Scrum Master, Product Owner or Stakeholder? Do you want to feel you are maximizing your efforts while working Agile?

“From doing Agile to being Agile” is a crucial step for everyone involved in creating complex product development. We want to see the benefits in our efficiency while having a feeling of flow and fun in the workspace.

This training will enhance your Agile mindset and de-mystify the purpose of the processes that your teams has been working with. Why is your team doing what they are doing? What is the problem behind their problem? Who are we actually doing it for? These question are so important to be able to answer clearly and passionately.

The Agile Mindset training will give you a huge impuls on your Agile journey that will resonate for months, possibly years. You will learn much about the “why” of doing Agile, which will change the mindset. You will practice skills that will help you keep momentum on this journey. You will understand how to navigate yourself and others with the aid of a state-of-the-art mobile app. And most important you will enjoy one of the most fun and interactive online trainings that you have experienced.

Robby Overvliet is your trainer/coach and he has trained hundreds of people over the last few years to become more Agile, more efficient and more motivated in the workplace.