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Go pick a leaf of that tree!

Are you Agile? Are you sure? Sure the whiteboard is hanging and the stickies move cheerfully from left to right. Every day the standup is neat and other feedback loops do their thing. You could therefore think that it is guaranteed that “we” are Agile. Many professionals cannot really live it up, is my experience in many companies. I regularly see that employees have mainly learned a new trick. That they learned to apply the scrum ceremonies and that with a bit of luck they also know the why behind these new techniques. A closer observation often shows that they are far from Agile. FreelancersMore than 25 years ago I learned in Sacramento, California for the first time what really meant to be Agile. Scrum and Agile were not yet invented, but we talked about “not going thru the motions”, “self-cleaning”, “putting life into it”, “dealing with distractions”, “responding to […]

5 tips to ‘invest in trust’ for Agile contracting

Ever tried convincing someone to trust you? Not an easy task if this person hasn’t dealt with you before. Usually trust is something that you will have to earn, rather than receiving it upfront. However getting people to trust you and your organisation can be incredibly important if you want to pursue real Agile development with your potential customer. But how do we do this? 1. Don’t try to predict the future Still many commercial offers for software development about trying to accurately estimate costs and planning. It takes lots of effort and usually costs frustration from everyone involved. Yes, of course it helps to write down the products purpose and requirements in advance so that you create a common understanding of what you are looking to develop in the first place. But dear customer: all to often that description becomes a detailed description of what you (think) you want. […]

Getting your app into top 10?

This weekend we released our long anticipated AgileNav app. After months of hard work and an extensive beta-test period it was finally done. Wauw, we are live and are pinching ourselves: today we were ranked #12 in the App store. How did we get that ranking and how are we going to make it into the top 10 now? Getting your first app version into the app store sure has its toll-gates we got to experience. Although we did prepare it well: our product website ( came live just in time. Because yes… a marketing website is also part of the metadata that Apple wants to know when submitting to the app store. We are lucky enough to have the knowledge of the media company Versgeplukt readily available to give us a head start. One of the main objectives for any new digital initiative is to get online exposure quick […]