Marcel Bosman

My name is Marcel Bosman and I work at Joost-IT as an Agile Coach and Field Manager. As a young boy I was always interested and researched whether things could be done differently, easier for me, not necessarily faster but more effective and more efficient. My creativity gave me the freedom to discover myself and find out where my interests lay. Photography and writing short stories taught me to look differently at myself and my environment. New areas of interest were discovered in which I could immerse myself. Freedom from creativity.

Another strong area of ​​interest is the behaviour of myself and others. Especially the behaviour in groups is an area that interests me. Why do I do the things I do and why do I react the way I do.In my spare time I like technical sports such as cycling and speed skating, but I can also often be found cooking and baking in the kitchen.

My life quote contains only 3 words, and not necessarily in this order.

Creativity = Freedom = Change