Ziva Smolnikar

My name is Živa Smolnikar and I am from Slovenija. As the mother of two amazing Girls, family is a big priority for me since summer 2016.
Family is the group of people that make us happy, help us succeed in life, care about who we are and believe in our Dreams. So why have one family when you can have two? One at home and one at work.

I have gained a variety of different work experience, but my first »real« job was as an Office Manager. After that, I worked for several years as Head of Public Relations and recently as Senior Advisor and Analyst. During this time, I completed my degree as a Professor of Physical Education. In 2005, I won an EU educational development scholarship for Danish Gimnastikhojskole in Ollerup. In order to gain wider knowledge of practically oriented business, I decided to get a BA international business.
I want to be a real role model for my girls. So, I have found a new true passion and that is scrum and agile. Since I attended a SMC course, I have been filled with a passion for everything that is agile. In October 2020, I started my journey with eduScrum. I truly believe that agile is the future at home, in business, in education and all systems… Being agile is also about lifelong learning. Once we stop learning, our knowledge and experience are obsolete.

In my private time, I love picking mushrooms, herbs, cooking, fishing, I absolutely love long walks in the nature and watching Friends.

“Greatness can’t be imposed; it has to come from within. But it does live within all of us.” – Jeff Sutherland