Agile training

AgileNav offers training with the integrated use of the AgileNav app as your Digital Mindset Toolbox. 

You will not only learn about Agile and/or Scrum by the best trainers in the business, but your will also learn how to best take advantage of the AgileNav app to speed-up the learning curve during and after the training. No more handouts that end up in your bottom drawer but a fun to use, digital toolbox app that is always in your pocket! The topic-based micro-learning, quizzes and games will continuously assist the transformation of your digital mindset.

InCompany training

Does your organisation, unit of teams need help? Starting at 6 people we can provide our training InCompany. We always work with a trainings-backlog that can be adapted based on the needs of you and your colleagues. Together we can decide of a date and location. AgileNav offers training in both Dutch and English.

Scheduled training

Subscribe today to a scheduled training on Eventbrite thru our page Or contract us if you have needs that don’t seem to be an exact fit with what is currently scheduled. With over 12 years of experience in Agile Coaching and training there is a broad spectrum of training workshops than we can provide.