Rene Duijzer

My name is Rene Duijzer. I live in the Netherlands in the city of Schagen together with my wife Linda. We have two children a daughter named Joanie and a son named Owen.

My working career started at the ING Bank. During my time there, I had my first encounter with Agility. It started with Lean in an operational environment and later Scrum was introduced. The last 5 years I worked as an Agile consultant for a Consultancy Organization and did several assignments with different organizations. Recently I started my own business as freelance Agilist and trainer.

From my younger years till know, I have always been passionate about sports. Especially participating myself. I see a lot of similarity between successful sports teams and business teams and have some great memories being part of it. The passion, dedication, focus, drive to improve, clear goals. Can you remember how you felt when your where part of a winning (sports)team? What elements where in place that made it happen? Being Agile for me means that we create a culture with an Agile mindset where people, teams and organizations can accelerate. Let’s change the culture by starting the mindset!

Several years ago, Robby Overvliet and I participated in a training and we felt a connection. We both strongly believe that it all starts with the mindset. Having an agile mindset is the key for better results. We always kept contact and recently I became actively involved in the AgileNav Academy.

As mentioned, sports play an important role in my life. All my life I play soccer. More recently I started with golf and that is my no1 sport now. I like challenges… so my personal goal for 2021 is a single handicap. Work in progress!

My wife is working as an independent freelance Travel Advisor. An occupational hazard is that as a family we must see the world. This picture is taken in the Serengeti Tanzania where we slept in a tent and you could hear the lions roar in the night! It sounded like next to our tent, but we were told they were miles away. There we witnessed the great migration of the wildebeest and zebra’s crossing the river. A unique experience.

“It is so much easier to tell people what they want to hear instead of what they need te hear” – Dr. Phil McGraw better known as Dr. Phil