Rita Badawi

My name is Rita Badawi and I live in Cairo, Egypt. From day 1 in my career journey I’ve been working in IT, first in customer support and moving up and across organizations into IT operations and delivery services. This happened, although I originally studied Management & Technology, where my passion for leadership was born and honed.

Along the road I was introduced to Agile via one of my mentors, who thought I had the right mindset to help our company transform. I learned so much on my Agile journey and my key passion is helping people unlock the correct agile mindset, because from thereon, you’re really being agile not just doing agile.

A newfound passion is moderating Agile themed rooms on the new audio-chat application Clubhouse, where I met the founders of the Agile Nav Academy. Our mindsets instantly aligned, and we have worked together since.

When I am not working or on Clubhouse, I enjoy reading, hanging out with my family and listening to music.