Robby Overvliet

My name is Robby Overvliet. I live in Hillegom with my fiancé and two fantastic young boys that I often call “my hooligans”. My professional career started off being a developer and soon after I started my leadership journey. Then, almost 15 years ago I got hooked on Agile. It felt like a liberation from the mindset and processes that I had experienced up until that moment. It gave me the space and insights to also start shaping my entrepeneurial dreams and I got to experience some glorious fails to build upon.

In 2017 I sat down with my long-term friend that stuck with me from being collegues in my very first job. René and I had always fantasised about starting our own company “R&R”. He was enthousiastic about the idea to build an app as a solution for all the confusion I noticed in the Agile world at that moment. We build our MVP and started our continuous improvement proces. In 2019 we pivotted to what has now become AgileNav Academy, specializing in continuous learning innovation with the app still being at the core. I have a serious passion for coaching and training.

In my free time I love running, darts and watersports.

“Change is the only constant”